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Managed and maintained by volunteers – funded by voluntary contributions 


From left to right: Les Bedford, Shelley West (Banner Homes), Peter Davies, Roger Headey

One of the six replacement noticeboards erected in 2013, all of them kindly sponsoredWe are extremely grateful to all our sponsors for their generous support. The sponsors were: the former Banner Homes (the board pictured); Friends of Hadley Common; Statons; Fusion Residential and the Hadley Angling and Preservation Society..

The legal title to the Common is vested in the Trustees, who hold it in trust for the commoners, and who must be a party to any lease or licence which is granted

The responsibility for overseeing the management of the Common lies with the Management Committee which meets about three times a year. It is this committee which decides on the policies to be followed. These policies are recorded in a Management Plan and a Woodland Management Plan which are adopted after consultation with appropriate outside bodies. The Management Committee also appoints two Curators and a Timber Committee.

Les Bedford

Woodland Management - Plans drawn up as part of a tree safety survey in 2010/11

Day to day management is in the hands of the two Curators who work to the Management Plan in running the affairs of the Common. The legal and secretarial side is looked after by the Clerk to the Trustees, a local solicitor, who keeps the minutes and conducts much of the correspondence.

Once a year, usually in July, the Commoners hold their Annual General Meeting, at which they receive the report and accounts of the Curators for the year to 15th March and elect a Management Committee. Notice of the meeting is given on the Common notice boards and all local residents are encouraged to attend. Anyone is permitted to speak, although, in order to comply with the Enfield Chace Act, only Commoners are allowed to vote on the formal resolutions. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity for the views of local residents to be made known.

Photo: Alan Magnus

Pond Management - Dredging Gladsmuir Pond. The dense growth of bulrushes needed to be cleared to restore the pond to its original condition. It looked very barren after treatment but the dormant seed bank has subsequently generated vigorous growth.